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Erotic Art & Nudes on Tumblr
Eroti-Cart's blog on Tumblr
Erotic Art News Network
Want your own erotic art blog? The Erotic Art News Network has been set up so that anyone involved with erotic art can set up their own blog/site completely free!
ErotiCart : Erotic Art Blog
The official erotic art blog of ErotiCart!
Illustrations Erotique - Tumblr
Tumblr blog of erotic illustrations.
Jojezebelle's Erotic Art Blog
Erotic art blog of Jojezebelle providing insight into the world of erotic art.
Les dessins de denis
Mes dessins et mes illustrations érotiques
Featuring vintage erotica in photography, film, painting, drawing, and literature.
Old Erotic Art
Tumblr blog of old erotic art.
Penetration of Light
An ongoing collection of my erotic artwork, updated often.
Roseros Erotic Masterpieces
Painting is closely akin to making love. Masterpieces come from intense stimulation; a limp brush won’t get you very far.
Sex and Blogs : Erotic Art
The erotic art section of!
Sex in Art is a website dedicated to the portrayal of one of the most basic human acts and instincts through the creative process. SEX. In all its delightful and exciting forms.