Delta of Venus
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by Mike Hannon   Date Added: 05/04/2012
Hi Tim, You're spot on. This painting is indeed based on the legend of Zeus "coming" as a shower of gold. :) The woman he impregnated was called "Danae" and their child was the hero Perseus. Klimt's painting is beautiful. I especially love the gold leaf which is so perfect for the subject. Though I think my favorite painting depicting Danae and Zeus coming as a golden shower would be Correggio's which is also on this site.

by Tim Peacock   Date Added: 05/03/2012
I think that this painting's title is "Shower Of Gold." This might be an allusion to the Roman myth: Zeus transforming himself into a shower of gold, in order to penetrate...some woman. But-from my long-ago Art History studies-I know that many pictures have a double meaning; this cpuld be, in this instance, "golden showers. I have known some....bathroom was always too cold,,,, XXXXX



Erotic Painting with Gold Leaf by Gustav Klimt

1862 1918