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About ErotiCart

Erotic Art

ErotiCart was founded in 2009 to create a retrospective for Erotic Art.

My name is Mike Hannon and to me erotic art is the celebration of love.

Though my interest in erotic art has both a light and a dark side. First is my passion for the art. I'm not an artist myself and so have a great admiration for those who are skilled in the craft. Next to my love is a deep anger for its repression. The internet is a wonderful tool allowing modern day erotic artists to display their art to the masses, a tool which artists of the past didn't have. Instead, what our ancestors had was the censor! The history of erotic art is sadly for the most part a history of repression. So not only do I have the deepest respect for the skill of our Old Masters, and revel in the beauty manifest by their craft, but I also marvel at the genre's tenacity for avoiding the obstacles that have been put in its path.

The history of erotic art is an amazing story complete with epic battle scenes, glorious victories, and of course love. Quoting Anthony Christian; "the first thing that would amaze any student about to embark on a study of Erotic Art, is the sheer quantity of what has been produced". The sexual revolution can be thanked for the greater exposure given to this fascinating genre, but what few realise is that, despite its repression, erotic art has thrived in private galleries and collections for centuries!

In public galleries today you occasionally catch a glimpse of the eroticism that has been prevalent in art history, such as "Jupiter and Io" (Giove ed Io) shown above. This highly erotic painting was made in the 16th century by Correggio and is currently on display at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. It portrays a mythological scene where Io, daughter of the first king of Argos Inachus, is seduced by Jupiter (Zeus in Greek), who hides behind the dunes to avoid hurting the jealous Juno (Hera in Greek).

Religion and mythology could be said to have had a great influence on art throughout history, though in the case of erotic art, it has also been a tool used by artists to use eroticism in their art whilst avoiding persecution by the dreaded censor and, ironically, the religious authorities.

With, I hope to highlight the key artists throughout history that have made the genre of erotic art what it is today.

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